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How Do Online Classes Work?

Students unfamiliar with distance education may be asking themselves “How do online classes work?” The reality is that classes are laid out online much the same way they would be in a classroom, it’s just that students don’t have to travel to that classroom to take part. Here is a general overview of what students can expect when taking an online class, from getting started to the basics of completing assignments online.

Logging On. To get started with an online class, students will need a newer computer, a reliable internet connection and the software required by the school (usually just a word processor and internet browser.) Once these requirements have been met, students can start completing coursework. First, students will need to find the school’s main website and log on. This should take them to a place where they can see all the courses they’ve signed up for and allow them to view material related to each. Colleges will use different types of course management software (though Blackboard may be a popular choice), so each school’s format may differ. If you need any help navigating, contact your professor or technical support.

Listening to and Reading Lecture Material. Just as if you were in a regular classroom, your course will begin by listening to or reading